The Kiwanis Club of Oliver serves the community of Oliver and district. Our various projects are primarily funded by the operation of the Kiwanis market. Local residents donate used items to the market, which are picked up, sorted and priced during the week. On Saturdays the Market at 5992 Sawmill Road is open to the public with net proceeds going to fund various charitable and community projects. Donations can be made by calling 250-485-0242.

President’s Message

Happy 2021 from all members of the Kiwanis club of Oliver!

Kiwanis International is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the world one child and one community at a time.  This is done on global, regional and local levels by this 100 year old organization.

Several years ago Kiwanis embarked on a global effort to eradicate goitre by iodizing salt. By the time the project concluded, virtually every country in the world had iodized salt and slowed a dramatic reduction in those afflicted with goitre.  More recently, Kiwanis   undertook an effort to reduced maternal-neonatal tetanus by providing mothers with a series of three inoculations. This is the Kiwanis Eliminate Program.

On a regional level, namely here in the Pacific-northwest, Kiwanis club have been providing funding to Dorenbecker, Seattle, and Children’s Hospitals in an effort to reduce children’s cancer.  Results have been outstanding, but there is still a long way to go.  This is called Kiwanis Children’s Cancer Program (KCCP)This is only one notable regional program.

On a local level, the Kiwanis club of Oliver runs a market and is open to the public Saturday mornings.  All items in the market have been donated by residents of Oliver and surrounding areas and, when sold, the funds are returned to the community in the form of scholarships, sports programs (swimming, curling, skiing, etc) for children, Boy Scouts, Boys & Girls Club, arts programs, Gleaners, to name a few.  The list is immense!

The local Kiwanis also provides 68 units of housing for low income individuals and families in Oliver.

Part of the local Kiwanis family includes an Aktion Club to enable adults of age 18 and over with developmental disabilities an opportunity to also serve their community.  members of the Aktion Club provide scholarships to South Okanagan Secondary School (SOSS), support, KCCP and Eliminate, local food banks, Gleaners, and many more local causes.

We welcome anyone who has an interest in also serving their community, both locally and beyond, to join us. 

Enjoy the remainder of winter as spring will soon be here.

Best regards,
Kiwanis Club of Oliver