The Kiwanis Club of Oliver came into existence in 1962.The first Club executive was installed September 28, 1962, by Field Representative Ray Rohrer and Walter Toeves of the sponsoring Summerland club. The executive consisted of President Bruce Echlin, Vice President Ron Amos, Secretary Bill Kreller and Treasurer Bob Potter. Directors were Chas Walker, Grant Wheeler, George Ronald, Henry Horkoff, Jim Sowerby, Ed Ruck and Eric Shannon. The charter was received in November 1962.

The Kiwanis Club of Oliver has been involved in and sponsored many of our young people over the past 50 years. The Girl Guides, Brownies, Boy Scouts, Cubs, Air Cadets and an Oliver Youth Ambassador have all been sponsored. The Aktion Club was formed on September 1, 1993 for the handicapped members of the community. The Aktion Club has been a huge success. They run their meetings with a President and executive. The Oliver Kiwanis Pee Wee Invitational Hockey Tournament was sponsored for many years as well as a boys football club.

The Search and Rescue group as well as the South Okanagan General Hospital have received assistance for new equipment over the years.
Fund raising events have included the sale of Christmas trees, a “Duck” race, a “Golf Ball” race, chicken barbeque during Oliver Day celebrations, sale of tickets for a large children’s playhouse and many other raffles.

In 1981 the TV channel “The Knowledge Network” was sponsored. Donations have been made to the figure skating club, ladies minor hockey and the World Health Organization.

The Kiwanis Housing Society for seniors was formed in 1969 with 8 units. The next complex of 17 units was built in 1974 with the help of the Legion. It was built on land donated by the Board of Directors of Sunnybank. In 1979 the Kiwanis Manor opened with 27 units. The sale of Christmas trees was started to help finance these projects. In 1997 18 more units in Arbor Lane were leased from BC Housing and are administered by Kiwanis Housing.

The Kiwanis Club financed the building of Kiwanis Park and supplied the seats and walkway. Tables have also been placed in the Kinsman Park and benches on the Hike and Bike Trail.

On September 27, 2002 the 40th Anniversary celebration was held. Five charter members; President Bruce Echlin, Treasurer Bob Potter, Arpad Palley, Fred Fritz and Ken Potter attended the celebration. Bruce and Bob were continuous members for the entire 40 years.
Since that time charter member Bob Potter has passed away, in addition to long-time member Harold Dawson. In September 2012, the Club celebrated its 50th anniversary.

The Kiwanis People’s Market was started in April 1999 and is now instrumental in raising funds for more than 50 different organizations in the community.

Club Presidents since 1962:

1962–Bruce Echlin, Chartering President
1963–Ron Amos
1964-Bill Kreller
1965-Len Pinske
1966 Ted Galbraith
1967-Bob Potter
1968-Hugh Thompson
1969-Bill Leverett
1970-Al Winn
1971-Storey Wilson
1972-Ed Ruck
1973-Dick Sladen
1974-Roy Coleman
1975-Roy Kennedy
1976-Chuck Harvey
1977-Ed Anderson
77-78 Ron Bonnett
78-79 Louis Fedor
79-80 Ivan Gamble
80-81 Lionel Somers
81-82 Wes Zoerb
82-83 Art Osland
83-84 Harold Dawson
84-85 Jim Morgan
85-86 Tony Hintz
86-87 Alf Biech
87-89 Ron Bonnett
90-91 Larry Larson
92-93 Rick Lundin
97-00 Lawrence Howell
00-01 Don Osborne
01-02 Bill Dean
02-03 Dan Roberts
03-04 Wayne Kreut
04-05 Brian Pawluk
05-06 Wayne Kreut
06-07 Dan Roberts
07-08 Ken Yoxall
08-09 Lee Chic
09-10 Wayne Kreut
10-11 Ken Yoxall
11-12 Peter Morrow
12-13 Allan Close