Our Officers

Governor Roger Bell
Lt. Governor Bob Stone
President: Leonard Gebhart
Vice-President:  Gary Mythen
Secretary: Rosemary Pritchard
Treasurer: Allan Close
Past-President: Lee Chic
Director: Mary Roberts
Director: Lee Ann Wilson
Director: Larry Larson
Director: June Reynolds
Director: Audrey MacNaughton
Director: Ruth Herrington
Director: Bill Dallimore
Director: Katie Unger
Kiwanis Club of Oliver Housing Board
President: Larry Larson
Secretary: Rosemary Pritchard
Director: Allan Close
Director: Lee Chic
Director:  Ruth Herrington
Director: Dan Roberts
Director: Bill Dallimore
House Committee Chairs: Larry Larson
Finance:  Chair Allan Close, Brian Pawluk, Mary Roberts, Peter Morrow
Fundraising, Market Liaison Chair: Lee Chic
Membership & Education Chair:
Public Relations, Newsletter Chair:
Sponsored Youth, Aktion Club Chair: Lee Chic
Young Children Priority One Chair:
Youth Services Chair:
Interclubs: Rosemary Pritchard
Terrific Kids: Lee Ann Wilson
Share the Spirit: June Reynolds
Meals on Wheels Ruth Herrington
Special Committees
Inductions: Lee Chic
Advisor to the President:
Entertainment: Allan Close
Risk Management: Larry Larson
Sunshine: Fiona Wood
Greeter Extraordinaire: Everyone!